2015 Summer Classes!!

2015 Summer Classes!!

Summer 2015…


  • Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester: July 13-17
    • Eurhythmics for Performers and Music Teachers – Bring a new dimension of insight to your musicianship and teaching. The Dalcroze method takes a physical approach to music, engaging ear, mind, and body. This active class will address rhythm, phrasing, sight reading, memory, and more. You’ll sense music literature in new ways, and learn valuable techniques for your teaching and performing. Credit or non-credit options; 15 professional development hours.
    • Choral Artistry, Vocal Pedagogy, Musicianship – with William Weinert and Robert McIver.
  • Denver, The Dalcroze Academy, July 27-August 8
    • Directed by Jeremy Dittus, now its new location.

Other classes:

  • Peabody Dance Intensive, Baltimore: June/July
  • Kennedy Center NSO Summer Music Institute:July
  • Baltimore County Public Schools, Music & Dance — August 19
    • Dalcroze Does Drama: Jumpstart your year with fresh teaching ideas inspired by Jaques-Dalcroze! You’ll learn rhythmic activities, songs and stories designed by Monica Dale through decades of teaching. Created by following children’s own lead, these music and movement sequences tap into children’s natural instincts for play, engaging them in rich layers of learning through music. Resources include links to free music scores and recommended recordings for use in your music classroom.
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