Researchers ask: Why do people think total nonsense is really deep?

Someone has finally asked the question! There's no clear answer yet (despite Wonkblog's headline "Why people think total nonsense is really deep"), but researchers at the University of Waterloo have done some serious studies into 'BS Receptivity.' In a sequence of tests, participants were asked to rank the profundity of various statements. Some sentences were randomly created by two [...]

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Past Predictions about Today’s Education

"What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like," today's Wonkblog at the Washington Post, highlights a series of French paintings from around 1900, collectively titled, "France in the Year 2000." Looking back at past predictions is always fascinating. So many ideas centered on machinery for communication, transportation and basic household chores. (Even The Jetsons had FaceTime and Roomba [...]

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Study Shows How Musicians Adjust to Each Other

Diagram from Inside Science News Service - Alan Wing Inside Science News Service reports on a new study that examines how members of string quartets adjust to each other's tempo. The study is published in Interface: Journal of the Royal Society, and Inside Science has a clear summary. A team of scientists and musicians from [...]

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