Register for MusiKinesis® Classes Today!

Register for MusiKinesis® Classes Today!

Aural and physical music come together in MusiKinesis®.

For students and teachers of both music and dance…
Discover new skills, knowledge and inspiration through this joyful, engaging process!

Rooted in the work of Swiss educator Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, MusiKinesis® is grown and cultivated for 21st-century America.  Dalcroze principles live when applied to our own here and now!

MusiKinesis® recognizes the challenges inherent in our contemporary culture, the wide separation between music and dance today, and the problems and possibilities presented by technology.

The MusiKinesis® approach embraces the personal over the pedantic, true meaning over methodology, and art as artistry — not gymnastics, not mathematics, not abstract tricks or gimmicks.

Try it, and you’ll know.

Classes for children and adults begin January 8th, 2017, at the University of Maryland – Baltimore County. Click here for details. Register today!!

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