MusiKinesis® merges modern dance, music and Dalcroze techniques. It’s fresh, inclusive and relevant to 21st-century America.


Music is naturally physical. So when skilled musicians connect with essential elements of movement in music, they discover new dimensions of depth, nuance, and meaning. You’ll find free exercises and ideas for approaching specific pieces of music (with free scores) in the blog and my searchable “Ideas to Try” collection.


Dance and Music share common ground. That’s because the same elements – time and energy – are expressed in sound for music, and in space for dance. Because I know both fields, I can show dancers how music in sound can expand their skills as teachers, choreographers, and performers.


Children know the natural connections among music, movement, communication, imagination and growth. That’s why we might have more to learn from them than to teach them. Even so, MusiKinesis® has books available based on my early years of Eurhythmics teaching. You’ll find plenty of free ideas here, too.

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Upcoming Events

October 6 – MSMTA Key Presenter: MusiKinesis@ and Musicianship

October 18 –
MDEA Presenter:

Watch Where You Don’t Step: Cuban Motion and Syncopation

November 20-23 – premiere performances of Kirke Mechem’s opera Pride and Prejudice at Peabody, choreographed by Monica Dale

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“Dancers are Musicians are Dancers.” – José Limón