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Winter: Two Rounds

These rounds are from a 1906 school music book, "New Educational Music Course: First Reader" (Ginn & Co.). "The Winds" "The Winds" makes an interesting study, not only for its use of beat and multiple together, but also for the three personalities of the West, East, and South winds. The lyrics and dynamics of each [...]

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March: Ten Variations for Marching

Ten Variations on "March" I like the idea of playing with the "march" in March. Children enjoy the relation of the words, and for classes that began in the Fall, the month of March is a good time to revisit this familiar movement with new variations -- particularly those exploring spatial design, and direction. Some [...]

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Gavotte Antique

Gavotte Antique (A Preview from "The Kinesthetic Keyboard") Originally posted July, 2005 To open the PDF, click here:  Piano - Gavotte Antique Here's an example of a piano piece that's useful for a range of levels. Henriques' "Gavotte Antique" is a nice study in consistent phrasing, with a canon at the end. I used it [...]

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February: Games For President’s Day

For President's Day (Originally posted in February, 2007) While I don't like the idea of using music primarily to teach "academics," I do think incorporating non-musical themes and topics in music classes can add interest. Here are a few ideas for Presidents Day which I've tweaked or made up, in hopes they're useful to readers. [...]

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October: Halloween Games

(Originally posted October 2005) Here are some fun ideas for October Classes. I've dressed them up for the Halloween season, but they're easily varied for other seasons (or no seasons), as well. Pumpkin Walk This is similar to a cakewalk. Cut out pumpkin shapes from orange cardboard or construction paper (or wedges to look like [...]

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Three Clock Songs

Songs about clocks are a familiar way to teach beat, division and multiple. Here are three clock songs for various age groups. The three durations invite all kinds of possibilities. For example, create three groups of children to enact them, each taking a different role; provide a different instrument for each (such as cymbal, triangle, [...]

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A Fun Floor Pattern

A spatial design for movement. This is a floor pattern I devised for "prances" in modern dance classes, but it could be used in any number of ways and for a variety of purposes. First, the diagram: The diagram shows the movement of each individual. The blue lines are traveling while facing in the direction [...]

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February: A Valentine Round

An Anapestic Idea "Six Lessons for Winter" includes a Valentine lesson based on compound meter. Here's an idea for simple meter, based on the anapestic (short short long) rhythmic pattern. 1. The tune can be treated as a 4-part round, entering each measure. 2. Isolate the rhythms used for the word "Valentine" for a study [...]

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