Camp Dalcroze?

Summer Vacation nearly a century ago!

Some years ago, I discovered this interesting 1924 brochure advertising Camp Wildwood in Northport, Michigan. The camp featured Dalcroze Eurhythmics taught by director Eleanor Harris Burgess, as well as “wholesome food,” rest, recreation, and French!

Here’s the description of the Eurhythmics program:

Dalcroze Brochure

We don’t often hear Eurhythmics described as a “specialized system of teaching grace and poise by means of interpretive dancing” today! At the time, this slant would probably have been a selling point, considering the popularity of Delsarte, Duncan, and the “Physical Culture” movement in America.

The brochure also includes information on those ubiquitous Tunics:

(And don’t forget your middies and bloomers!)