This is a rare opportunity to hear modern dance music that has been silent for far too long. It’s also a chance to see it with dance, likely for the first time in half a century. A new generation of choreographers and dancers will present their work tonight.

Katie Ostrosky, Level C MusiKinesis® Certificate Instructor, caught onto my passion for the music of modern dance. She took it to her PhD work in Oklahoma, from her audition forward! I am so excited and proud to see her focusing on this rare work, and I can’t wait to see her remarkable achievement tonight. (Freda Miller’s nephew might even be watching!)

In addition to Freda Miller’s Suite, The Daily Paper, the program includes works by Miller’s teachers in dance accompaniment from the American Dance Festival’s early Bennington College years: Norman Lloyd and Louis Horst. The Horst works should be especially interesting to Martha Graham dancers and people engaged with the Perry-Mansfield school. Others may be interested in the process elements for approaching Cage.

Read the program notes – there’s something here for Isadora Duncan dancers, Jaques-Dalcroze followers, experts in the footsteps of Pearl Primus, and many more influenced by their legacies. Katie and the University of Oklahoma have graciously shared the program and the link to the performance.

Program pdf HERE.

Link to View: – Sharp Music Hall. (7:30 in Oklahoma is 8:30 on the East Coast!)

Kudos, congratulations, and brava to Katie!!!