Little boy sitting barefoot, isolated on whiteCheck out the Ideas to Try page!

It now has search functionality, so it’s even easier to get great ideas for lesson plans, private teaching or independent studies of your own.

  • Want to explore movement in relation to a piano piece by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze? It’s there.
  • Need a song and teaching ideas for a class of children? You’ll find it!
  • Looking for a seasonal music lesson or something related to a holiday? Simple.

About the Ideas…

I wrote these, one each month, from about 2005-2007. They were included in a monthly MusiKinesis newsletter under the title “Try This,” and archived on an earlier version of the MusiKinesis website. Some are more analytical, others are simple suggestions, and several include scores for download.

As I add more, I’ll post them on the Blog and then put them into the “Ideas to Try” search.

P.S. – I’m reviving the MusiKinesis newsletter too, so be sure to sign up!