An Anapestic Idea

“Six Lessons for Winter” includes a Valentine lesson based on compound meter. Here’s an idea for simple meter, based on the anapestic (short short long) rhythmic pattern.

1. The tune can be treated as a 4-part round, entering each measure.

2. Isolate the rhythms used for the word “Valentine” for a study of anapest over two beats and four beats (augmentation). Change between the two, have groups or pairs perform them simultaneously, and then have students perform them together on their own (right hand/left hand, stepping/clapping, etc.).

3. Here’s an activity sheet for elementary levels. (Click thumbnail below to open a printable PDF.)

Valentines ana

After cutting out the hearts, have children:

  • match the word phrases to the notation;
  • recombine the phrases randomly to create a different order;
  • select one rhythmic heart, and hold it up when that part of the song occurs (or when the teacherplays it on piano or drum, changing randomly).


The page may be copied and distributed for children to take home.