These rounds are from a 1906 school music book, “New Educational Music Course: First Reader” (Ginn & Co.).


“The Winds”

“The Winds” makes an interesting study, not only for its use of beat and multiple together, but also for the three personalities of the West, East, and South winds. The lyrics and dynamics of each phrase suggest possibilities for personifying the winds through movement or postures. Let the students contribute their own ideas for the “breathing” West wind, the strong, forte East wind; and the soft South wind. You might also explore the differences between the descending melodic lines in the first two phrases (the high tonic moving to dominant on “oo” has a very different feeling from the more decisive “I am East wind” moving down to the tonic) and the stationary “hush” of the third line.

Skating Round


This one is more difficult to sing, particularly with its intervals of 6ths in the second and third lines. Rhythmically, juxtaposing the rhythm of the first two measures with steady beats makes a good core study in preparation for the round. Choreography could involve a design in a circle — for example, traveling clockwise for the first phrase, counter-clockwise for the second phrase, and into the circle and out again during the third phrase.