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MusiKinesis® is made in America, infused with Modern Dance and Music, and grounded in original Dalcroze pedagogy.

Barbara Mettler: A Dancer of Purpose

"These experiences lead to a richer more meaningful life. Also, the understanding of how to dance together in a group, I think, answers a contemporary need." - Mary Ann Brehm

Sherman Center Announces Monica Dale as 2020-21 Research Fellow

Research award to support study of MusiKinesis® in urban Baltimore The Sherman Center for Early Learning in Urban Communities is pleased to announce its 2020-2021 research fellow, Monica Dale, Music Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty in UMBC’s Dance Department. Ms. Dale will work with early childhood educators at Arundel Elementary School to investigate the effects [...]

Support “Pennies for Pointe”

A cause well worth your support! Founded by Kayla Massey, a dancer I had the pleasure of teaching at UMBC, Pennies for Pointe is a venture designed to raise funds for aspiring dance students to purchase needed supplies. "The organization's mission is to ultimately increase the participation of underrepresented populations in dance," says Kayla. [...]

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Fanciful Falsehoods about Piano Tone: Part I

Myths Die Hard It’s human nature to look skeptically at information that contradicts something we believe. Once we become anchored to untruths, reality is an annoying intrusion. Psychology has terms for the defenses used to hang onto false beliefs. Confirmation bias: seeking only information that conforms to the belief, dismissing new information; Assimilation: reshaping [...]

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Katie Ostrosky Presents Free Concert of 20th-Century Music/Dance Works, Tonight (May 2nd!)

This is a rare opportunity to hear modern dance music that has been silent for far too long. It's also a chance to see it with dance, likely for the first time in half a century. A new generation of choreographers and dancers will present their work tonight. Katie Ostrosky, Level C MusiKinesis® Certificate [...]

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Celebrating the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage: The Music of the Movement

Happy Anniversary! Today is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. It’s hard to believe it was only two generations ago that American women were disenfranchised. My own grandmother was prohibited from casting a ballot. Even after the ratification of the 19th amendment, black women (as well [...]

MusiKinesis® with Dance Students: a sample

Among my ongoing, unfinished projects is creating and publishing a multifaceted Music for Dance course curriculum. The design would include guided study for teachers, audio files, work sheets, lesson outlines, and videos demonstrating exercises. Here, a small group of students from my undergraduate "Music for Dance" course shows a few exercises. [...]

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Free Class #2 – August 1st

Two Essential Rhythms: August 1st, 2-3 pm EDT. Dancers, Musicians and Teachers - join us! Discover how rhythmic patterning can enhance skills in both dance and music. By connecting movement in space with rhythmic durations in musical sound, the process provides several important benefits. First, it clarifies the relationship between time as it [...]

Free MusiKinesis® Workshop via Zoom

Dancers, Musicians and Teachers - join us! Update: The workshop is near capacity. If you aren't able to register, email for first notice of future workshops! Discover how elements of time and aural perception can create musicianship in dance, and how movement and spatial dimensions can move music. All you need [...]

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