Remarks from the Summer 2017 class evaluations… 

Comments from students about the 1-week MusiKinesis class:


“This course will have a huge positive impact on my teaching. I have a better understanding of the teaching process and have a large amount of new activities to enrich my instruction.”

“It has given me many practical ideas to use with my students, getting them ‘off the bench’ and feeling rhythm in their bodies.”

“I really appreciate Monica’s patient and kind demeanor.”

“It has added to my movement improvisation box of tools I will teach dancers and movers.

“Too short!”

Comments from students about the 2-week Level 1 Dalcroze class at Eastman:

“I came to get an intro level overview of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and that’s what Monica delivered.”

“The solfege, musicianship, and eurhythmics portions were great!”

“Learn(ed) how to teach students to embody musical rhythms before focusing too much on the theory and mechanics of it.”

“A great way to increase your personal love of musicianship.”

“A great way to challenge and enhance your own musicality.”

“I feel it has greatly helped me enhance my own musicianship.” 


Comments from me:

Thanks to all who attended! It was a joy to work with you, and I hope to see you again as you continue!