3 Students at UMBC
(News Alert!! Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction for Winter was misquoted by fake news. He did not say, “Eight more weeks.” His actual words were, “At least eight more weeks. Maybe more. Maybe MUCH more. We’ll see.”)

Despite the weather we’ve had (brrr!!), the calendar says summer is waiting in the wings… so don’t miss the early registration discounts for summer classes!



  • For MusiKinesis certification through eurhythmics, music, dance and teaching, take advantage of early registration through May 31: $285 for the 30-hour week, July 23-27 ($325 regular fee). The course takes place at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and provides 2 Maryland CPD Credits. Learn more!

What students are saying: 

“Learn(ed) how to teach students to embody musical rhythms before focusing too much on the theory and mechanics of it.”

“I feel it has greatly helped me enhance my own musicianship.”

Four MusiKinesis Students“I really appreciate Monica’s patient and kind demeanor.””

“It has added to my movement improvisation box of tools I will teach dancers and movers.”

“It has given me many practical ideas to use with my students, getting them ‘off the bench’ and feeling rhythm in their bodies.”

“This course will have a huge positive impact on my teaching. I have a better understanding of the teaching process and have a large amount of new activities to enrich my instruction.”

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