A cause well worth your support!

Founded by Kayla Massey, a dancer I had the pleasure of teaching at UMBC, Pennies for Pointe is a venture designed to raise funds for aspiring dance students to purchase needed supplies.

“The organization’s mission is to ultimately increase the participation of underrepresented populations in dance,” says Kayla. “We strive to do this by providing dance supplies to young dancers whose families may not be able to afford them, exposing youth to the art form, and providing opportunities to young dancers of certain communities that may not have them otherwise.”

On July 24th at 7 pm, the group will host its first fundraising event, Pennies for Pointe: Supporting The Artists of Tomorrow! It’s a virtual artists showcase featuring new and up-and-coming local artists in the DC area. Admission is free; donations are welcome. The goal is to purchase dance supplies for local students to use during the upcoming school year.

For a Zoom link, click below and RSVP. You can also view the event on Pennies for Pointe’s Facebook Live and Youtube Live channels. Connect with their Instagram account (@penniesforpointe) for ongoing updates.