Classic Children’s Poems for Spring

Classic Children's Poems for Spring Here is a trio of classic children's poems that can make beautiful little studies for classes in music and/or dance. You could focus on the rhythms, create a movement study with students, or lead them to sing the verses with melody or to add a percussion accompaniment. Or, why not [...]

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The Turkey Trot

Was the Turkey Trot a scandal because of the actual movements of the dance, or was the shock a rejection of African-American dance and music coming into white ballrooms?

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Bill T. Jones and Winterreise

In New England, deep snowfalls were frequent when I was a child. Wearing rubber galoshes that  went on over our shoes, my sisters and I lifted our knees high to puncture the icy crust. It helps, when you're small and the snow is above your knees, to step inside the leg-holes your older sisters have already [...]

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Floor Pattern “in 10” from Elizabeth Walton

About Elizabeth Walton Elizabeth Walton and Paul Taylor making "Paul Taylor: The Man Behind the Dance" (Photo: UMBC New Media Studio) I’ve been taking Beginning Modern classes with Elizabeth Walton, Associate Professor at UMBC. I love taking beginners’ classes, in part because I get to observe how other teachers introduce concepts of movement [...]

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March: Modern Dance Phrase for St. Patrick’s Day

A Modern "Hornpipe" Dance Phrase This is a little phrase I created years ago that I've enjoyed bringing back in modern classes during March, in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Its inspiration is a piece on James Galway's "Dances for Flute" -- the "Belfast Hornpipe", #10 on the CD -- but other Irish dance pieces [...]

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A Fun Floor Pattern

A spatial design for movement. This is a floor pattern I devised for "prances" in modern dance classes, but it could be used in any number of ways and for a variety of purposes. First, the diagram: The diagram shows the movement of each individual. The blue lines are traveling while facing in the direction [...]

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